Top ten places – May 1st->10th.

From May 1st to 10th I’ve visited nine towns in three different Countries: Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. Here is the ranking of the top ten things I liked the most, as usually in reverse order.

Fresco in tomb of IV B.C. (Alexandrovo, Bulgaria, 2017)
Number #10 – Alexandrovo tomb near Haskovo
An incredible Thracian tomb of 4th century B.C. Only in 10th position because you visit the copy.

Rotunda (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017)
Number #9 – Thessaloniki’s Rotunda
A perfectly shaped roman building, aimed to be the mausoleum of an emperor and become a church.

Sequence of trees in Sea Park (Varna, Bulgaria, 2017)
Number #8 – Sea Garden in Varna
A beautiful park, with vivid colours under the rain and the sea nearby.

Stylish cafe (Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017)
Number #7 – Nightlife in Thessaloniki
Finally after a lot of quiet places, a town where there is a sparkling nightlife and lot of restaurants.

Border with Bulgaria (Ormenio, Greece, 2017)
Number #6 – Crossing the Greece-Bulgaria border
Even bad experience are part of a travel memory. Walking 6 kilometres with my backpack to cross a border was not exactly a good one.

Seagull at sunset (Alexandroupoli, Greece, 2017)

Number #5 – Amazing sunset in AlexandroupoliA great sunset in a small sea resort and fish village, followed by a dinner with fish and fresh wine.

Casino (Constanța, Romania, 2017)
Number #4 – The dark abandoned Casino in Constanța
One of the spookiest building I’ve seen so far during this trip. But nevertheless, beautiful.

Church of Assumption (Uzundjovo, Bulgaria, 2017)
Number #3 – The strange architecture of Uzundjovo church
A mix of Islamic and Western architecture for a very strange church. A good symbol. It takes number 3.

Show in Dolphinarium (Constanta, Romania, 2017)
Number #2 – The dolphins’ show in Constanța
With a lot of clouds and very few things to do, show of the dolphins is saving the day. It is only number 2 because I guess is better they swim in the ocean.

Folk group (Burgas, Bulgaria, 2017)
Number #1 – Folk dances in Burgas
Burgas is a lovely town and even if not very professional this Folk dance show I saw by chance was really a brilliant moment. For this issue of the top ten, it takes number 1.

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