On the roads of South America, crossing borders.

In 2009, needing rest after a long project and having the chance to use a lot of Lufthansa miles I’ve decided to face what was, at the date, my most complex trip. One month abroad, in another continent, visiting five countries, all alone. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Paraguay, often crossing frontiers between same countries several times. Once, I’ve passed a border five time in a day and I will tell you more about that crazy day in an article.

Rethinking to that trip a lot of vivid memories come back to my mind as a kind of milestones in my traveller’s life, others instead are more faded and I guess that writing articles and checking the many photos I’ve done it will help me to bring them back. It was a long ride on the roads of South America, especially the part where from Ushuaia in the Tierra del Fuego I reached, stage by stage, Asuncion in Paraguay, using almost only the bus.

I hope you will like the pictures, the stories and the information (if not outdated) that I will put here.

Cover picture was taken in Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile but not far from Argentina.

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