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Here I am with fifth issue of the weekly recap of STG on Social Networks again limited to Instagram and Twitter.
This fifth week of my travel around the world saw me in Albania, Greece and Bulgaria going from Sarandë to Burgas. Greece is dominating Instagram while Albania has the monopole of Twitter ranking.
Let’s go with the count-down.


#7 – Folk group little dancers, Burgas, Bulgaria

#6 – Cat under the table, Thessaloniki, Greece

#5 – Boat on the beach, Alexandroupoli, Greece

#4 – Strange colours in the port, Thessaloniki, Greece

#3 – Ali Pasha Mosque, Ioannina, Greece

#2 – White tower view from the hills, Thessaloniki, Greece

#1 – Seagull flying at sunset, Alexandroupoli, Greece


#3 – My claim for the post about Gjirokastër, Albania – Engagement Rate: 1,3%

#2 – One of my favourite place in Albania: Apollonia – Engagement Rate: 2,1%

#1 – Again Gjirokastër. Three old ladies rock! – Engagement Rate: 3,2%

Cats are strangely out of top position. Number one goes to seagull at sunset in Alexandroupoli. First Instagram post of this trip to get more than 100 likes. My favourite was actually the ‘pop’ picture of Thessaloniki port.
And now, let’s wait for next week with Bulgaria and Romania.

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