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Frontal view of Casade (Yerevan, Armenia, 2013)

The Yerevan Cascade

A paradise for contemporary art lovers. Yerevan Cascade is definitely my favourite place in the Armenian capital. At a walkable distance from Republic Square, at the end of Tamanyan Street, Cascade is actually a huge stairway, 120 meters high, made of five levels, each one with a plateau, hosting many beautiful contemporary art sculptures. It was …

Mud Volcano (Qobustan, Azerbaijan, 2013)

Qobustan mud volcanos

The mud volcanos.  Already planning my visit to Azerbaijan as part of my trip to Caucasus in 2013, I’ve been attracted by the mysterious mud volcanos of Qobustan. I later discovered that this phenomenon is not that rare and there are many others around the world, even in Italy but however, in 2013 I wasn’t …