My name is Domenico and I love to travel. As I wrote in the “pay-off” of this web-site name, travelling makes us happy !

Should I find an explanation to my continuous will of travelling I will likely find some common feeling with one of my favourite writer: the Portuguese Fernando Pessoa that in his “Book of disquiet” wrote:

I want to depart, not for impossible Indias
or for the great islands south of everything, but for any place at all
village or wilderness, that isn’t this place.
I want to stop seeing these unchanging faces, this routine, these days.

In this website I’m collecting text and photos, information and emotions from my trips in order to help other travellers. I will not tell you that any place is beautiful as it often happens on this kind of sites. I will tell you the most frank and honest opinion about the places I visit.

Hope you will enjoy!