Caucasus, an extraordinary mix

Visiting all the three countries of Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, allowed me to better understand why this part of the world is so important and complex with its incredible mix of cultures, religious beliefs, languages and alphabets. And these differences are still causing tensions but hopefully not wars again.

I was lucky enough to spend about three weeks in these beautiful countries not suffering any kind of annoyance. People here is very friendly and hospitable, always proud of tasty local produces and cuisine, breathtaking landscapes and interesting cultural sites.

Clicking on the timeline depicting step by step my entire travel around it can be seen that it was quite long. Below map shows all the places I’ve visited. Doing all this in three weeks required a quite strong commitment but surely it was worth it.

Cover picture was taken on the road to Davit Garej monastery, in Georgia but very close to the border with Azerbaijan and about 60km from Armenia

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