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Ostrog Upper Monastery

Ostrog monastery photos

Up to the sky. The Ostrog Monastery is the most important pilgrimage destination in Montenegro and one of the most popular in the Balkans. The path to the upper monastery from the railway station is also a wonderful hiking especially during springtime. I visited the Ostrog Monastery during my trip around the world and, if …

Nikola I statue in Nikšić

Nikšić photos

A relaxed town in Montenegro. Nikšić, second biggest town of Montenegro is a relaxed place with good food and perfect base for excursion to mountains and the very famous Orthodox monastery of Ostrog that can be reached by train. The town is also famous in all former Yugoslavia for Nikšićko Brewery producing a really nice …

Old town of Budva from the citadel

Budva photos

The most famous Montenegrin tourist destination. Budva is certainly the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro. With many beaches has much to offer in the long summer season but beside that it owns also a small and nice old walled town including many beautiful churches and a citadel. I visited Budva, for my second time, …