Accomplishing a dream

When, in 2017, I did my (first?) trip around the world, I’ve spend exactly 30 days in Russia. Due to time constraint but also to the need of following the itinerary I had in mind, I was able to travel on the legendary trans-siberian railway only up to Ulan Ude where I took the bus to the capital of Mongolia: Ulan Bator.

In that precise moment, I’m sure that it was the best decision. I wanted to see Mongolia and I’ve absolutely enjoyed the time there even if, in the beginning, it was quite complicated.
However, not completing the route of Trans-Siberian railway, reaching Vladivostok, was a kind of worm constantly living in my mind and so, one day, I’ve started to consult websites and guides adding pins to the below map, until it was completed. Itinerary was ready. Not many places to visit but a long distance to go…

And finally, having the chance, because of business reasons, of being in Moscow with about 10 days of free time, I decided that I could finally squeeze the f*ing worm and reach the last station of the most inspiring train route after the Orient Express.
The harsh weather I had to face didn’t scare me and in the end I did it!
This section of the site is telling about this travel that is not only the fulfilment of a dream but also the first trip I was able to do in Covid time even if, as you will read, this didn’t impact me so much.

Hope you will enjoy my articles and my pictures and, however, when you will read/look at them, please consider that I’ve spent a lot of time outside with temperature close to -30° (more or less… 🙂 ) just for you!

By the way, cover picture was taken at Mogocha railway station during a 20-minutes stop. It was around 9:00 AM and temperature was about -33° as reported by my iPhone.

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