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Largo do Senado in Macau at night

Macau photos – Vol.3

Very peculiar foods. From the gastronomic point of view, Macau, can be a very interesting destination. Portuguese heritage can be found in the egg tarts but other peculiar stuff are the sweet and sour beef jerkies, the multicolour skewers and the unmissable Durian ice-cream with a peculiar taste that I would describe as a mix …

Rialto bridge copy in Cotai

Cotai photos

Las Vegas in Asia. A tour in the district of Cotai in Macau will surprise you a lot. In the attempt to imitate Las Vegas and its casinos, here, they’re forced to copy Venice and Paris. Probably this is the only place in the world where you can have Saint Mark’s bell tower and the …

Deities altar in Coloane

Coloane photos

Leaving the crowd behind. If you are in Macau and you really want to feel the atmosphere of the colony as it was one century ago take a bus and reach Coloane, in the very south of the peninsula. You will find small squares, tiny temples, dry fish shops and a vintage feeling. I’ve visited …