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It is time for the 14th number of this regular post. In my 14th week I’ve been mostly in Mongolia with only one day in China but nevertheless this was enough to leave Beijing take many places in the ranking. I like to notice that after some time there is again a YouTube video. Let’s review then the ranking in reverse order, including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter post.


#7 – Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China

#6 – Parade of ducks in the pond, Beijing, China

#5 – The smile of the bride, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

#4 – Child in Sukhbaatarin Square, Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

#3 – Close-up of a big Yak, Terelj National Park, Mongolia

#2 – Lotus flower in Lotus market, Beijing, China

#1 – Walls of Forbidden City, Beijing, China


#1 – A Mongolian band playing traditional music


#2 – Claim for my post on Omsk (Russia) – Engagement Rate: 1,4%

#1 – A recap of my trip so far with the full route – Engagement Rate: 2,1%

Said about the “return” of YouTube I have to say that my favourite photo was, and by far, the b&w shot of the Mongolian bride. First place goes instead to reflections of Forbidden city. Next week only China.

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