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Flying over Belarus

From Kiev to Tallinn

Chernobyl museum. My flight to Tallinn, first one during this trip, will leave at 3:50 PM, this means that taking into account everything and putting also a bit of contingency, it would be ok to check-out and leave from hotel around 12:00. I decide to spend the time I have, to visit the Chernobyl museum. …

Priest in Pechersky Lavra

Kiev Churches photos

A very religious town. I think that religion is very important in Ukraine but in Kiev this is palpable in the many churches and monastery included the Unesco listed Pechersky Lavra. I also had the chance to see a religious ceremony with a huge crowd following it. I visited Kiev during my trip around the …

Loving Kiev sign (Kiev, Ukraine, 2017)

Kiev photos

Most Ukrainian town. Ukraine’s capital is also, in my humble opinion, the place where the Ukrainian spirit is more perceivable. It is quite a big town with a lot to see. The central square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, is the place where to start the visit and after there are many other sites and most of them …