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And now with the fourth issue of the weekly recap through the lenses of Social Networks that this time are limited to Instagram and Twitter.
The fourth week of my travel around the world saw me in Albania going from Shkodër in the north east to Butrint at the south west almost at border with Greece.
Let’s start with the count-down.


#7 – Palm tree and snowy mountains, Berat, Albania

#6 – Fisherman statue, Durrës, Albania

#5 – Orthodox Cathedral, Berat, Albania

#4 – Chairs under the sun, Ksamil, Albania

#3 – Berthed boat, Sarandë, Albania

#2 – Little princess with her cat, Shiroka, Albania

#1 – Chess players, Berat, Albania


#3 – My post about Durrës – Engagement Rate: 1,6%

#2 – Same little girl at second place on Instagram – Engagement Rate: 2,2%

#1 – Recap of 27 days of trip – Engagement Rate: 2,5%

Cats were close this week too, second place on both Instagram and Twitter but first place goes to the chess players in Berat. My favourite was the cat and the little girl.
What is going to happen next week?

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