Return to Eden

Tunisia is a beautiful country and it’s a perfect place to go in Autumn or late Winter because of warm temperature. After visiting the north part of the country in October in previous year I decided to return here to visit the south part of the country and reach the Sahara desert.

It took about 10 days going around and it’s hard to describe the incredible pleasure of driving on the roads in the south having dunes on the both sides with the sand that comes in front of you, and the ubiquitous camels, and Djerba with the incredible long beaches, and the troglodytes houses near Tataouine, and the Sahara, and Tozeur, and Star Wars locations, and remote mountain villages, and the dates, and… a lot more.

Here below the map with all main places where I’ve been.

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The picture of the cover was taken in Djerba.

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