Before the boat.

Another tough day, spent mainly travelling. My destination today is Sulina, the easternmost town in Romania, very close to Ukraine border and in the middle of Danube delta area. Mini van with luggage trailerTo reach it you need to go first to Tulcea (pronounced Toolcha) by bus and then take a boat. The official ferry leaves at 13:30 so I have time but I prefer not to arrive in Tulcea at very last moment so I take a bus from Constanța at 9:30 considering that trip lasts roughly two hours. Bus leaves from a station in the Tomis III quarter, in the north part of the town. Landscape from the bus windowI take a taxi to go there. The mini van is pretty comfortable and has a luggage trailer. After two days of clouds today seems much better. From the window I see beautiful yellow fields and white clouds on a blue sky. This great view reminds me of the great landscape seen in the movie “Everything Is Illuminated” taken from the book of Jonathan Safran Foer. We are not in Ukraine like in the movie but actually we are not far from it. The main difference are the wind farm spotting some time the view. Trip goes on smoothly and after little less than two hours we arrive in Tulcea.

A break in Tulcea.

I have about two hours to spend in Tulcea so in the beginning I think of doing some walk around to see the city but it doesn’t inspire me that much. So, after buying the ticket for the boat, I go to check if there is a reasonable way to reach Bucharest by train. Old locomotive in TulceaAll the stations: Bus, Train and Sea are close each other, one after the other. Train station, apart a nice old locomotive parked outside is totally useless. Trains to Bucharest are not direct, take an incredibly long time to reach destination and in any case are not compatible with the schedule of the ferry I will take after tomorrow. Ok, I decide that, since the trip by boat is going to be quite long, about 4 hours, is better to have a proper lunch. Next to the berth there is a small restaurant called Skorpion. It has a nice old fashioned atmosphere and they serve fish. I get a grilled catfish, simple and tasty. Now I’m ready to board for my second cruise on a river of my life.

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