Top ten places – April 1st->10th.

From 1st until 10th of April I’ve visited nine towns. Here is the ranking of the top ten things (mostly places) I liked the most. In reverse order.

Thoughtful Cat (Krk, Croatia, 2017)
Number #10 – Cats of Krk
The ubiquitous and friendly fat cats living in the island of Krk open the ranking at place number ten

Barkajol at work (Zadar, Croatia, 2017)
Number #9 – Barkajol in Zadar
The family tradition of barkajol in Zadar, connecting with a human ferry old and new town for 5 kuna gets place number nine

Porch to Church of St. Mary of Mount Berico (Vicenza, Italy, 2017)
Number #8 – Arcade to the Sanctuary in Vicenza
At eighth place I put the long arcade connecting Vicenza with sanctuary of Mount Berico

Korzo and City Tower (Rijeka, Croatia, 2017)
Number #7 – City tower in Rijeka
The seventh place is taken by the city tower of Rijeka

Five pits square (Zadar, Croatia, 2017)
Number #6 – Five pits square in Zadar
At the half of the ranking, at position number six, the five pits square in Zadar

Fire Salamander (Plitvice, Croatia, 2017)
Number #5 – Fire Salamander at Plitvice Park
The beautiful yellow spotted salamander takes number 5

Church of St Nicholas (Nin, Croatia, 2017)
Number #4 – Medieval church of St Nicholas in Nin
It was just a flash from the bus but enough to take place number 4

Sunset (Zadar, Croatia, 2017)
Number #3 – Sunset in Zadar
The renowned sunset in Zadar takes the bronze medal

Scrovegni chapel (Padua, Italy, 2017)
Number #2 – Scrovegni Chapel in Padua
Almost at the top, beautiful but not enough. It’s only number two

Waterfall (Plitvice, Croatia, 2017)
Number #1 – Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls
The beautiful waterfalls of Plitvice park, resembling the young daughters of Iguazù ones, get number 1 for this first top ten ranking

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