Top ten places – May 21st->30th.

From May 21st to May 30th I’ve travelled from Iași to Kiev crossing also Moldova and the peculiar Trasnistria. Here is the ranking of the top ten things I liked the most, as usually in reverse order.

Parrot in Odessa
Number #10 – A parrot as a pet in Odessa
Having a small parrot as a pet is not so strange but having a big one and bringing it out as you would do with a dog is something I’ve never seen

Orheiul Vechi
Number #9 – Peaceful Atmosphere in Orheiul Vechi
Orheiul Vechi, likely the most important sight in Moldova but yet with many areas incredibly peaceful

Saint Sofia's Cathedral
Number #8 – Saint Sofia’s Cathedral in Kiev
The magnificient Saint Sofia Cathedral. Great from outside, incredible inside but unfortunaly pictures are not allowed

Hedgehog in the Park
Number #7 – Hedgehog in Schevchenko’s Park
I’ve never seen a Hedgehog in reality this one was the first as he was just crossing the street in front of me

Communist sign in Bender
Number #6 – Communist signs in Bender
Transnistria is famous to be one of the last Communist Country but more than in its capital Tiraspol I think this is visible in the nearby Bender

Procession in Kiev
Number #5 – A religious event in Kiev
By chance I enter in Saint Michael Monastery and I came into this pious moment. In the article there is also the audio of chants

Privoz Bazaar Sign
Number #4 – The incredible Privoz Bazaar
Privoz Bazaar is huge and happy. It reminded me of the Green Market in Alma Aty but this one is much bigger

Potëmkin Stairs in Odessa
Number #3 – The legendary Potëmkin Stairs
Potëmkin stairs for my generation in Italy are legendary so I cannot keep it out of the podium

I love Tiraspol
Number #2 – Tiraspol’s great tourist office
The best Tourist Information Office of my life. So enthusiastic and involving descriptions that you could even skip the real visit 🙂

Galata Monastery Sign
Number #1 – Embarassing moment in Galata Monastery
Being in an Orthodox Monastery and not understanding what is happening and nevertheless going away with pastries and eggs and a bit drunk

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