Breakfast is the priority.

This is going to be my only day in Tallinn but I don’t feel like running all day trying to exploit city’s sights. There are several reasons for this. First one is that in my plan Tallinn is just a gate to Russia. Basically I’m here because I didn’t want to cross border between Ukraine and Russia by land but also because I like to start my Russian trip from Saint Petersburg. Statue of a chimney in TallinnSecond reason is that the weather today is quite bad. Yesterday evening it looked like it was going to improve but in the end, this morning it is cloudy, cold and there’s also some rain. The third important reason is that, as I’ve said in yesterday’s post, I’ve been already here seven years ago and therefore I don’t have much new to see. Well, there is something but I will keep it for the end of the day. Since I don’t have breakfast in the hotel, I get out heading to Mmuah cafe, the place where I’ve decided to get the energy to boost the day. Walking to my destination I look around searching for some glimpse to frame. Building sitting on a treeI will not repeat here my thoughts about photography in cloudy weather since I did it already in a previous post but anyway, I keep going on with this idea that one could take some nice pic even in this f*** weather. On the way to the cafe there are few things really impressing me, one is a statue of a chimney sweep that I didn’t remember, other one is a building with a quite singular shape. It is built in a way that gives the illusion that the house is hold by a tree. Very interesting and a bit crazy. Finally I arrives at my place. Strangely, only entrance to the cafe is through a big shop selling socks. Place is quite dark but I like the intimate atmosphere. It is a ‘classy’ place with waitresses with proper dress. I like this old fashioned style but what I really like are the absolutely astounding cheesecakes. In my life I’ve never had such a great cheesecake apart in Poland. Well this one is competing with those mythical Polish “Sernik”. One cup of coffee, one cheesecake, one post. Why stop such a good process? Then one more coffee, another slice of cheesecake and you will get another post on the website as a result. This way breakfast becomes a sort of sweet brunch.

Rainy Tallinn.

After an hard discussion with myself about the impossibility of keeping eating cheesecake all day long I get out of the Mmuah cafe and I go immediately to the old town that as you probably know is a real jewel. The town should have been very rich at the time of the Hanseatic league and buildings are magnificently preserved. Monk statue in ToompeaOnce I was finally able to enter in the tour ‘mode’ I then started appreciating cobbled streets, colourful doors, funny vanes, ubiquitous towers. Now I want to reach the Orthodox Cathedral and I do it passing through the Toompea castle with its disquieting statues of monks. Meanwhile rain starts to fall quite badly. I’m not equipped for that but I keep going following my map that, as me, is completely wet. From a sort of terrace I have the chance to see the skyline of the town but the bad weather makes it less impressive than how it was in my seven years ago memories. Stepping down I reach the edge of the original walled town, very close to my hotel. Monument in memory of victims of ferry EstoniaHere there is a touching monument that it impressed me a lot also first time I’ve been here. It is the one in memory of victims of shipwreck of ferry “Estonia”. When it happened I was in Scandinavia and few days before I had evaluated as well the possibility of taking a ferry in Helsinki to reach Tallinn. Maybe it is because of this that this tragedy remains strongly in my memories. The monument in Tallinn represents perfectly the disruption of the connection and of people’s life. About same event, I remember to have seen an even more moving monument in the island of Hiiumaa. That one had the peculiarity of issuing a specific sound when the wind was blowing in the same direction as in the night of the disaster.

Energy Discovery Centre.

I left as for last the visit to Energy Discovery Centre. Reason why I’m coming here is the following. Yesterday, while I was going to the hotel, Statue in Energy museumI passed by the museum and I saw a poster showing a little boy with his hair under the effect of Van Der Graaf generator. Who knows me in person and knows my hair understand why I want to try same experiment. So I’m here. Museum is very very nice and not only because of experiment with Van Der Graaf Generator. Me using Van Der Graaf GeneratorIs mainly oriented to children but who hasn’t a child somewhere in his soul? And that child would be amazed by the experience that could be done here with sounds and lights. I don’t want to explain something what it should be experienced to understand the fun so, if you are in Tallinn I warmly suggest you to visit this fantastic place. And the Van Der Graaf Generator? Well, I was too shy during the first demonstration but while they were doing the second one, thanks also to a girl working at the museum, I did it. The result? You can see it in the picture!

It is never too late for good weather.

Getting out for the dinner I have two nice surprises. First one is that in the old town main square there is a concert of a Jazz Orchestra followed by another one of rock band playing covers. Finally good weatherSecond one is that the weather turned suddenly to sunny and of course we can use this word even in the evening because we are in the middle of the Estonian white nights. This way I’m finally able to do the tour of the town I wasn’t able to do during the day. Rock band in old townAfterward, for dinner, I choose a small place in the main square where they serve quite expensive hamburgers but of very good quality. Sitting in the square I had the chance to listening the music and after the rock band played “Turn it on again”, a song of my favourite band: Genesis, I can go in the hotel quite happy and ready for tomorrow’s trip to Saint Petersburg. And while Russia is waiting for me and I’m waiting for Russia, you can take a look at Tallinn’s gallery.

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