Arrival and first walk in town.

It was a long and uncomfortable night but in the end I’m in Yekaterinburg and I should say something more: I’m in Asia since few kilometres before the town it passes the border with Europe. Sunday morning on the pondRailway station is not too far from my guest house so, even if there would be the possibility of using the metro, I prefer to walk. Likely a consequence of the many hours spent sitting in the train. In about half an hour I get there and I have to say that I like the place, rational and modern but still with charme. Kharitonov mansion in Lenin StreetUnfortunately my room will be ready in one hour and I don’t want to wait there so I prefer to leave the luggage and get out to see how it looks my first town in Northern Asia and fourth largest town in Russia. I’m very close to the city pond so I head in that direction for hopefully some nice view of the town by the water. It is quite a cloudy day but is Sunday so there is the same a lot of people around. I can’t say that with Yekaterinburg is love at first sight. The only remarkable landmark seems to be the church upon the Blood built on the site where Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and his family where killed in 1918. Director providing suggestion to orchestraAnother one could be probably the green and red painted Kharitonov mansion, in Lenina street. It is not possible to visit it due to the fact that it is used only for special events and, as far as I heard, also to host Russian President in the unlikely case he comes here. Small orchestra rehearsingI walk with the agility of a zombie and one hour is already passed so my room should be ready but on the way back I pass through a little park where there is a rehearsing orchestra. I never had the chance to see live such kind of situation so I sit on a bench and I enjoy the unusual show. The orchestra plays quite well and the atmosphere is relaxed nevertheless the Director intervenes often stopping the music in order to provide suggestions to the musicians. When they finish the zombie moves slowly to the Guest House and thanks to its supernatural powers obtains the key of the camera.

Long recover and evening out.

As soon as I touch the bed I fall deeply asleep and I keep doing it for at least three hours. When I wake me up is already dinner time according local time. Since I didn’t have lunch I decide to adequate my tummy to the new time and I go to a Georgian restaurant with a lot of good reviews on TripAdvisor. I should add one more because the place is elegant but what is more important has very good food. I took a small Adjara Kachapuri and Chanaki, a beef stew similar to the Azeri Piti but less fat. Walking back to the hotel I can appreciate the large avenues and the parks but still nothing that thrills me. Maybe I didn’t plan properly my first day or I was too tired. But tomorrow is going to be the Russia Day so I’m sure the town will be at its best. Would be that enough?

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