Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

Here it is the ranking of best post on social network for ninth week of my trip, spent in Ukraine, Estonia (Tallinn) and Russia (Saint Petersburg). Let’s start the count-down with Instagram and then we will see how things went on Twitter.


#7 – Black Sea Landscape with Sailboat and ship, Odessa, Ukraine

#6 – Candles in Saint Sofia’s Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine

#5 – A seagull with towers in background, Tallinn, Estonia

#4 – A small boat on the black sea waves, Odessa, Ukraine

#3 – An old bus at the station, Tallinn, Estonia

#2 – The wonderful Palace Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia

#1 – A multicolour bench, Kiev, Ukraine


#3 – Claim about second day in Transylvania – Engagement Rate: 1,3%

#2 – Tweet about my excursion to Orheiul Vechi in Moldova – Engagement Rate: 1,5%

#1 – Introducing Iași – Engagement Rate: 1,8%

The bench Gaudi style in Kiev’s Landscape Alley Park, surprisingly for me, takes the first place. I’m in doubt but maybe I would give my preference to atmospheric candles in Kiev. From next week, Russia, Russia and some more Russia.

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