Last day in Hvar.

The third day in Hvar is going to be the last one, however, since the ferry leaves to Korčula, my next destination, almost at 6:00 PM, I have plenty of time. Fisherman managing netsWhat to do then? First of all, I decide to take it very easy. Yesterday was a very though day, with a long walk under the sun and furthermore, town is quite small so, I will not need a lot of time to explore it. In the end I didn’t visit the town in a structured way. Day of my arrival I went to the fortress and the next day was spent almost entirely in the hiking to Malo Grablje. This is the day to go at heart of Hvar and give to this beautiful place the proper attention.
The morning is busy in town, a lot of people in the main square, some sitting at the cafe, other ones going for shopping and there are also some fisherman taking care of their fishing nets. Procession in HvarI start my visit going on the terrace of the arsenal, form here you can have a perfect view on the square and on the loggia. When I was almost going to leave I heard a distant chant. I quickly went down and moved in the direction and it wasn’t hard to find it. In the square there was a procession for sure related to the Easter rites. I’m not so aware about these things and of course I don’t know anything about local customs but I remember that in Italy, procession is on Friday. No idea of what particular event they’re celebrating. Anyway, the rite is impressing with all people singing softly and in the end they all enter into the Church for the mass. For those who wants a more immersive experience than the one given by my written words, please listen to this short excerpt of the chant.

Leaving the locals to their rites I moved along the bay on the northern part, where I wasn’t yet. It is the most developed part for what it regards the hotels. There are at least two quite huge resorts. In the end it is good they’re here because they’re not ruining the view of the old town.

Before the resorts Street and seathere is the Stella Maris church that is quite nice and, in a little park on the hill also the remains of an older church. Talking about ruins, the most impressive are for sure the ones of St Mark’s church whose bell tower is the landmark of Hvar town. There’s nothing much of the former church around, actually but surprising, there is an apartment with a pool, just few meters from the tower.
Before completing my visit to the town, I would like to walk in the little narrow streets of the old town with their paving polished by the years. I like especially a street where every 30 meters there is an aisle leading to the sea side creating this room with a view effect. Weather is great and there is also someone that swim in the allegedly cold waters of the sea.

And now for Korčula

After some rest in the apartment I’ve booked, it is time to get the catamaran to Korčula. Once again there is unfortunately no chance to stay outside and see the spectacular view without the scratched windows in the middle. Sunset in KorčulaHowever the trip is short and the B&B is close to the harbour so, I’m quickly out ready to discover face the debunking of one my gastronomical myth. You should know that in Zagreb there is a restaurant called Korčula that is famous for the Octopus, so I thought that this was a typical dish in this island. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem so. The lady at my B&B told me and actually menus of all restaurant are confirming it. I was thinking about Korčula as a paradise made of grilled octopus and I had to change my mind. Anyway, Korčula seems to be beautiful. Tonight I saw a magnificent sunset. Tomorrow I hope I will be able to confirm it.
For now, there is only the Photo Gallery of Hvar, enriched by the latest picture I took today.

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