Half a day in a sunny Dubrovnik.

After two days of cloudy weather finally this morning there is a warming and shining sun. This gives me new energy to go to see, for the first time in my life, Dubrovnik with nice weather. I quickly pack my stuff, I leave the backpack in the guest house and I go immediately in the old city. Walls of DubrovnikMy bus to Kotor in Montenegro leaves at 3:00 PM so I have plenty of time to visit the town that is big but not huge.
Using the map provided by tourist office, I decide to follow the combination of all the three possible itineraries that is starts with the Stradun. Today is not anymore a public holidays but the amount of tourists is still very significant, also because in the harbour there is a cruise ship. However, who cares, I really enjoy the sun and I do immediately a detour from the itinerary going to the old harbour. The area is simply amazing with the wind bringing the sea water on my face and the great view on the walls and on the dock. Old house in DubrovnikI really love this place and the town in general. I walk back within the walls and I reach a square at the top of a big stair. It is called Poljana Ruđera Boškovića and I like it even if is quite plain with just one church, St Ignatius and two restaurants. I found it quiet and relaxing and when I enter in the church I’m the only one inside, quite incredible for such a busy day.
Following the street that runs parallel to the walls I see some other interesting place. There is an old building with one courtyard after the other, the latest being exactly under the walls. It looks as it is still inhabited and even if I would not define it a luxurious location I have to say that I think it would be a nice place to live.
Again of the footsteps of the itinerary on the map I’m back in the Pjaca and from here I go to see the northern gate called Buža. As it happened yesterday, I found very nice this little street made of steps, leading to the upper part of the walls and in my case also to the gate. Out of the gate is the modern chaos so I return within the walled city.
Dubrovnik seems to love music. Yesterday in the evening but even today there is people playing all around. From the street I also heard a soprano rehearsing in her house. One reason more to love this city. I spend still half an hour around the town, marking also the last gate I was missing, the Ploče gate, nothing to do, I guess, with the town with the same name that is at the opposite side. Great view also here from the little bridge over the harbour.
I decide to use the remaining time before managing the trip to Kotor, eating something in front of the church of St Ignatius in the square I liked so much. Before telling you about the trip to Montenegro, take a look at my Dubrovnik gallery, here below.

Moving to Montenegro.

I don’t know how many of you knows the fictional character of Nero Wolfe, the detective created by the American writer Rex Stout. Well, if I’m mentioning right now, it is because, in his fictional life he was born in Montenegro. Well, the genius of Nero Wolfe wouldn’t be needed for sure to find out the killer of my bus driver after he told me I can’t enter in the bus because I had only electronic ticket.
Actually he was very rude and in the end only with the support of the Croatian police (can you imagine that?), he accepted to let me take my own sit. I was very angry for this behaviour as you can see also from the little screenshot showing my heart rate in those moments but soon, after the border with Montenegro was crossed and when the sea was visible again after the town of Herceg Novi, Ferry in Kotor BayI started to feel more relax.
The coast here is really amazing, especially when you enter in the fjord of Kotor. Yes, I said fjord because it really looks like a nordic fjord but with a mediterranean flavour. You can see in the little map on the left side how it is. The little blue circle is Kotor. The road is so beautiful that I do not even complain when I realise that the bus will go all around the bay and will not use the ferry that would allow to reduce the distance by likely 20 kilometres.
When I finally arrive in Kotor it starts to rain but still in an acceptable way. The real one, an incredible shower, comes when it is time to dine. I’m so wet and disoriented when, after eating, I’m trying to reach my place that I walk for several minutes before finding it. Rains keeps falling all night long. I do hope it won’t be like that tomorrow because in this case it would a completely lost day.

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