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Third issue of this weekly recap through the post of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.
On this week I travelled from Bosnia (Mostar and Blagaj) to Montenegro, including the beautiful Ostrog Monastery. This post arrive quite late (it should be already time to publish the fourth issue) due to the problems I had with STG instagram account that is actually lost so I started using my personal one and I had to recover a huge backlog. This also made me focus on this media mostly ignoring Flickr and YouTube so you will see almost nothing from these two.
However, here we are and then we can start.


#6 – Duck in river Buna, Blagaj, Bosnia

#5 – Fortified walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia

#4 – Old Bridge (Stari Most) in the rain, Mostar, Bosnia

#3 – Houses of old town, Mostar, Bosnia

#2 – Staircase in the old city, Dubrovnik, Croatia

#1 – Little tiger, Perast, Montenegro


#1 – Cross in Ostrog Monastery – 32 views, 1 fave
Little candles light up Ostrog Monastery


#3 – My post just before climbing the Ostrog Monastery – Engagement Rate: 2,7%

#2 – My “almost” last post from Bosnia – Engagement Rate: 3,5%

#1 – My “real” last post from Bosnia – Engagement Rate: 4,0%

I’m afraid to say that even this week first place goes to a cat, the little tiger seen in Perast, Montenegro. My favourite one was actually the Instagram post of the stairs in Dubrovnik old town.
See you very soon with ranking of fourth week still very focused on Instagram and Twitter. Hopefully I will start using again Flickr and YouTube soon also with some old material.

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