Top ten places – April 11th->20th.

From 11th until 20th of April I’ve visited eleven towns, some quite small. Here is the ranking of the top ten things (mostly places) I liked the most. In reverse order.

Budva old town (Montenegro, 2017)
Number #10 – Southwest corner in Budva old town
Budva old town is not bad but there is a part of it that it worth the visit. A corner with two churches and the beach behind let us start with the our best ranking at number 10

Taking care of fishing nets (Hvar, Croatia, 2017)
Number #9 – Fisherman in Hvar
Sometimes it happens that you are completely rapt by a gesture. This can be art or only, as in this case, the result of year of experience. The fisherman managing his fishing nets takes number 9

Walls over the sea (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2017)
Number #8 – Old harbour in Dubrovnik
Old town of Dubrovnik is terrific but, in my humble opinion, the best part of the town is the old harbour. Walls falling into the sea are unforgettable and get place number 8

Number #7 – Umbrellas on the old bridge
So, it is Easter Sunday, you are far from home and furthermore it is raining. You finally get out and climb up a minaret and when you look down, you see this. Number 7!

Number #6 – Easter rites’ celebration in Hvar
Hvar again. While I was playing with my camera I hear a distant chant, and it was this. People celebrating Easter rites in someway being out of time but also at place number 6

View of the town from the hill (Korčula, Croatia, 2017)
Number #5 – View of Korčula from the castle
What does really matter? Journey or the destination? When you are going to Korčula castle that is quite spoiled and on the way you have such a great view of the old town, answer is easy and also taking place number 5

Pokonji dol island
Number #4 – The circular islet Pokonji dol
On the way to a ghost town, you are on the top of an hill focused on your goal and then you see it. And it looks like a fairytale island. And for this is at number 4

Cat in Dubrovnik
Number #3 – Cats of Dubrovnik
Last time cats of Krk were at 10th place. The ones of Dubrovnik improve the feline result maybe thanks to the recognised mission of eating mice. And this is number 3, bronze medal

Kotor's bay
Number #2 – Trip along Kotor’s mouth
Bus or car is unimportant. The trip to Kotor, skipping the ferry and following the long route along the Kotor’s bay or Kotor’s mouth is something hard to forget. Probably the best panorama in the mediterranean sea, surely number 2 of our ranking

View of the abandoned village (Malo Grablje, Croatia, 2017)
Number #1 – Alone in Malo Grablje
More than a place here we’re celebrating a moment. Me, completely alone in the abandoned village of Malo Grablje, with dogs barking far away. A kind of thrilling that deserves number 1

By the way… have you lost the first issue of the top ten? You can find it here: Top Ten for Ten Days – Issue #1

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