Top ten places – May 11th->20th.

From May 11th to 20th I’ve travelled all around Romania having the chance to visit many places. Here is the ranking of the top ten things I liked the most, as usually in reverse order.

Puppy (Sulina, Romania, 2017)
Number #10 – Quiet & spooky streets of Sulina
A village where you feel at the end of the world among houses that seem abandoned and streets populated only by dogs. All of this (and not only) makes Sulina very intriguing.

Small house in village museum (Bucharest, Romania, 2017)
Number #9 – Village Museum in Bucharest
Best museum in its kind I’ve ever seen in my life. Over a huge area there are original houses and buildings from all regions of Romania, physically moved from their locations. Really beautiful.

Tourist ads for Romania at communist time
Number #8 – Exhibition on tourism in Romania at communist time
A small but very interesting exhibition in Rășnov about tourism during communist regime and a lot of envy for who was able to come here at that time.

Boat on Sulina channel
Number #7 – Navigation on big boat on Sulina Channel
On the way back from the Danube Delta boat was a beautiful big river ferry with an old-fashioned atmosphere and very comfortable. A real pleasure.

Fortress and clouds (Rupea, Romania, 2017)
Number #6 – Fortress of Rupea
Maybe it has nothing special but after one day and half of clouds to see this ancient fortress under the sun and surrounded by meadows was really fantastic.

Stavropoleos Monastery at night
Number #5 – The evening tour of Bucharest
The perfect introduction to the capital of Romania, with a local guide. Bucharest’s magic is in the night.

Rural Romania (2017)
Number #4 – A pic-nic with cheese and sausage
A very short break during the third day in Transylvania stopping the car to eat some bread with nice cheese and sausage with the rural Romania in front of us.

Palace of culture (Iași, Romania, 2017)
Number #3 – Palace of Culture in Iași
Something that I didn’t expect. A huge square with an imposing neo-gothic building: the palace of culture. One of the best place I’ve seen in Romania.

Bear in Sanctuary
Number #2 – Libearty Sanctuary
A very valuable operation: saving bears living in captivity and give them a huge park where to live. Valuable and moving.

Pelican (Romania, 2017)
Number #1 – Pelicans in Danube Delta
Danube Delta is a fantastic place even with bad weather and here, I saw Pelicans for first time of my life and this was number one moment during these ten days.

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