Second half of Split.

I’ve still one half day to spend in Split, since the catamaran to Hvar is going to leave at 2:00 PM.
Before starting to walk around, I would like to check where is going to berth so to avoid to look for the right place among the four docks of Split’s Port with my backpack on. Split harbour is incredibly busy. It seems to be the main hub for the local company called Jadrolinja (that can be translated as Adriatic Line) and from here there are many fast ships or more traditional ferries leaving for the many islands of Croatian Archipelago. Like in the railway station there are some display along the harbour showing the time and berth for each boat and many maps that allow you to find out the exact location of that berth. Completed successfully this organisational issue I’m ready to walk the town. Just next to the ferry harbour there is the railway station and I want to enter to see how does it looks. It is completely empty as no train is coming here by a long time, and probably is exactly this way. I don’t know the reasons trains are so neglected in this area, but it is surely a pity.

My visit goes on with the market that is located just out of the Diocletian’s Palace walls and it looks it has always been here, I mean, from ages. I don’t know why but I’m thinking about the fact that this kind of markets are basically all the same at all latitudes and in all the times. From the main market, where you can find veggies, salami, cheese and other stuff, I move to the fish market, a covered one, that can be found on the other side of old town. It is probably too late for seeing it fully operational but still something is available. It looks shrimps are the most available goods.

After having managed the recharge of my Croatian number, I move to the seaside boulevard where there is another small market, probably due to the forthcoming Easter. There is mainly food as the well know Balkan Specialty called čvarci, that are crispy stuff made of pork fat. We have them in Italy too and they’re called cicole or ciccioli. However too fat for me, at least today. I’m instead attracted by another specialty called Soparnik, A white thin pizza filled with Swiss chard. The lady that it sells it explain me that is not a Croatian specialty, not even a Dalmatian one and neither from Split. It comes from a very specific area, south of Split and that it became recently a product protected by European Union (PGI). I decide that some slice of it would be a light and tasty lunch. Finished it, it is now time to collect my things and go to take the boat.

Below there is the gallery of Split but the article goes on.

Judita the Catamaran

Name of Catamaran is Judita that it sounds to me a nice name for a boat. Isn’t it? There are a lot of passengers and in a short time almost all the sits are occupied. The view outside is great because of the big and small islands but unfortunately due to security reasons, it is forbidden to stay outside, so I spend my time reading and writing something. The trip to Hvar is about one hour. When I arrive at the harbour, my AirBnB hosts are waiting for me so it is easy to go in the house and in a short time I’m ready to start my visit to Hvar.

A first taste of Hvar

Hvar is the name of the island but as well the name of the main town where I’m now. It looks beautiful at first sight. There is a fortress dominating the town and a lot of small little streets. The main square is quit big, with a church and a pit. You can feel the history. I don’t have too much time so, for this first taste of Hvar I decided to climb up the hill and go to see the fortress. From the town, the castle seems to be quite far but in the end when you go there is a 20 minutes wall. The castle called Spanjola by locals is in good conditions. The view from there is spectacular but there are also things to do within the fortress as visiting the jail walking up to the main tower. There is also a cafe.
I keep walking around for about half an hour and then I get back down to town. I’ve to admit I need some rest and to write something after dinner.

Here it follows the full gallery of Hvar, including also pics taken in next days.

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