A world behind me, another one ahead.

And then, the long awaited moment has come. Moment to leave behind me the closed door of my house and many more, and to charge on my shoulder a huge luggage, as I should travel the world and head to the first of a thousands train I will take.
However, everything seems to conspire against the expected solemnity. First of all the day. Today is fools’ day. I had to face a lot of smiles when I said I would leave for ’round the world trip on this day. It also to be said that Padua is not exactly the first destination that comes in mind thinking about such kind of trip. And even the train scheduling supports the cause, since my trip doesn’t start from the monumental central railway station but from the minor Lambrate station grey also more than usual in this gloomy morning.
However, after this melancholic incipit is now time to turn my sight ahead looking in a more positive way to a day that started cloudy but now seems to be more sunny. Usually I will post my daily report in the evening and with much more content (pics, info, etc.) but as first day of the trip, an exception could be acceptable. Keep on following!

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