Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

And here I am again with ranking of best post on social network for the tenth week of my trip, spent entirely in the beautiful Russia. As usual we start count-down with Instagram and then we will proceed with Twitter.


#7 – Seagull plunging in Gulf of Finland waves, Peterhof, Russia

#6 – Kremlin’s Gate, Kazan, Russia

#5 – Installation of a tree in Farmer’s Palace, Kazan, Russia

#4 – A small boat sliding on river Volkhov, Novgorod, Russia

#3 – Full moon on a wooden tower, Kazan, Russia

#2 – Ducks’ monument in Alexander Garden, Moscow, Russia

#1 – The unmistakable domes of Saint Basil, Moscow, Russia


#3 – Announcing my arrival in Moscow – Engagement Rate: 2,1%

#2 – Recap of my travel stats – Engagement Rate: 2,5%

#1 – Claim of my post about Privoz Bazar in Odessa (Ukraine) – Engagement Rate: 2,9%

Saint Basil is always Saint Basil, hard to beat the beautiful multicoloured domes. More than 100 likes on Instagram. However, average engagement rate on twitter is improving. My favourite one was the full moon in Kazan. Next week Russia again on the Trans-Siberian route.

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