Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

Here we are with the best selection of one week of SmallTravelGuides on Social Network.
From Padua to Zadar which post were more popular? Let’s see!


#6 – Basilica of St Anthony in Padua

#5 – Seagull in Zadar

#4 – Lighthouse in Zadar

#3 – View of Plitvice from above

#2 – Little girl on the swing in Vicenza

#1 – Pigeon at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza


#2 – Lighthouse in Krk – 7 views, 2 faves
Shining like a lighthouse in the grey

#1 – Ducks sliding in Plitvice – 45 views
Ducks sliding on a Plitvice lake

You Tube

#1 – A worm pretending to be a wooden stick – 10 views


#1 – My post about visit to Plitvice

So, the pigeon from Vicenza waiting for an audition had its success on my ranking. Would it be happy?
My favourite post, however, is the Krk Lighthouse on Flickr.
Let’s see again in one week!

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