Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

We are already at the 11th issue of the social best ranking. My best posts on social networks listed in reverse order. Again there is only Russia but is more than enough. We are going to start count-down with Instagram and to proceed next with Twitter.


#7 – View of the Kremlin from lower town, Tobolsk, Russia

#6 – Classical dancer at the circus, Tyumen, Russia

#5 – Sunset with monastery silhouette, Tyumen, Russia

#4 – Coffee for lovers’ statue, Omsk, Russia

#3 – Assumption Cathedral, Omsk, Russia

#2 – Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Tobolsk, Russia

#1 – Lamps on river Tura, Tyumen, Russia


#3 – Claim for my (beautiful) post on Hermitage museum – Engagement Rate: 0,7%

#2 – Tweet about 6th issue of top 10 for 10 days – Engagement Rate: 1,6%

#1 – Claim for only post about Tallinn – Engagement Rate: 1,8%

As twitter is going low this week, Instagram rises with Tyumen, where I spent just few hours present with all three Instagram post, including the first place. I like more the “ballerina”. Next week still Russia along the Trans-Siberian railway.

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