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In which town is located the Georgian Parliament ?
1 out of 10
Which of the following Communist leaders was born in Georgia ?
2 out of 10
Writing in Georgian is quite difficult due to the wonderful but complicate Alphabet. Talking of it, which of the following assumptions is true?
3 out of 10
How it is called the Georgian Anthem?
4 out of 10
What is peculiar in the ageing of traditional Georgian wine?
5 out of 10
Which of the following countries doesn't have borders with Georgia?
6 out of 10
The very famous puppet theatre building in Tbilisi...
7 out of 10
Which region landscape is marked by a multitude of defensive towers?
8 out of 10
In which Georgian town is set Georges Simenon's "The Window Over the Way" (aka "Les Gens d’en face" in French)?
9 out of 10
Which one of the following is a typical dish from Batumi?
10 out of 10

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