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Best of Greece & Bulgaria - Photo Gallery
A slideshow with my thirty-six best pictures taken in Greece and Bulgaria during my trip around the world. (Vertical pic… keep on reading...

Folk dances in Burgas
Top ten for ten days - Issue #4
Top ten places - May 1st->10th. From May 1st to 10th I've visited nine towns in three different Countries: Greece,… keep on reading...

Seagull at sunset
Social best - Week #5
Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks. Here I am with fifth issue of the weekly recap of STG on Social… keep on reading...

Seaside in Burgas
Burgas photos
One of the best place to live in Bulgaria. Burgas is a lively Bulgarian town on the Black Sea regularly… keep on reading...

Column in Nesebar
Disappointing Nesebar
Playing hide and seek with rain. It is one day already that I've started playing a sort of hide and… keep on reading...

Frescos in Alexandrovo Tomb
Haskovo, Uzundjovo and Aleksandrovo
A good way to start the day. After the horrible day I spent yesterday travelling from Greece to Bulgaria I… keep on reading...