My travel archive

During last twelve years, I’ve travelled any time I could. Sometimes it was for business reasons but mostly, and with greater satisfaction, on my own.

This is a collection of stories (and pictures) I want to share with this website users, providing hopefully good suggestions and useful information to who wants to visit same places.

The list of locations is quite huge (71 Countries in total, so far) as it can be seen by the below map that I keep constantly updated on Matador Network Site.

My Travel Map

Each trip will have a dedicated section reachable from this menu but all the posts will be also available based on their relevant categories (e.g. Local Cultures, My Thoughts).

The map of my itinerary will be included beside a timeline allowing to understand how I moved from one places to another and how much time I’ve spend in each place.

First stories will be about my 2013 trip to Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. More stories will follow in parallel to all posts about my current Trip around the world.