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Best of Greece & Bulgaria - Photo Gallery
A slideshow with my thirty-six best pictures taken in Greece and Bulgaria during my trip around the world. (Vertical pic… keep on reading...

Folk dances in Burgas
Top ten for ten days - Issue #4
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Seagull at sunset
Social best - Week #5
Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks. Here I am with fifth issue of the weekly recap of STG on Social… keep on reading...

A boat on Alexandroupoli beach
Alexandroupoli Photos
A relaxing town by the sea. Not far from the Turkish border, Alexandroupoli is a nice sea resort town where… keep on reading...

Sunset in Alexandroupoli
How to reach a quiet village by the sea
A bus pretending to be a train. Once again I need to wake up early to catch a mean of… keep on reading...