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Domes of Cetățuia monastery in Iași

Iași’s monasteries photos

Churches and monasteries in Iași. Iași hosts dozens of churches and monasteries, catholic and orthodox but also Armenian or belonging to the Russian minority of Lipovans. It’s almost impossible to visit them all but some, like Golia’s monastery and Galata monastery are absolute must for all visitors. I visited Iași and its monasteries during my …

Candles in Galata Monastery

Tour of the monasteries

Seven hills and seventy churches. When I arrived in Iași, my taxi driver suggested me not to go out of the town to visit other monasteries around because according to him they are interesting mainly for Romanian people but for tourist there is more than enough to see in Iași. I’m following his suggestion and …

Palace of Culture in Iași

Fantastic Iași

Palace of Culture and Golia monastery. Today there is a beautiful sun shining out there so I don’t want to waste my time so, as soon as I wake up, I head to the centre of the town. I start my tour from the Palace of Culture square where I’ve been yesterday evening. Walking to …