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Ship in Sulina channel
From delta to Bucharest
Lovely cruise on the river. Today I head to Country's capital from the remote delta, a trip that requires an… keep on reading...

Cormorant flying in Danube Delta
Birds of Danube delta photos
A mecca for ornithologists. The park of Danube delta is a sort of Paradise for professional and for amateur ornithologists… keep on reading...

Boat at the end of Sulina's canal
Danube delta photos
Landscapes from the end of the river. The park of Danube delta is one of the most fantastic place I've… keep on reading...

Pelicans in Danube Delta
Cruise on Danube Delta
Where the Danube meets the Black Sea. Sulina, as I wrote yesterday, is connected to the Black Sea by an… keep on reading...

Yellow fields on the way to Tulcea
Destination Sulina
Before the boat. Another tough day, spent mainly travelling. My destination today is Sulina, the easternmost town in Romania, very… keep on reading...