Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

It’s time to show the social ranking for seventh week of my trip, spent entirely in Romania but with some tweet still referring to Bulgaria. Let’s then start the count-down with Instagram and then we will see Twitter.


#7 – A goat along Sulina channel, Danube Delta, Romania

#6 – Nice houses with a tree, Transylvania, Romania

#5 – Sheep and shepherd, somewhere on the road to Bucharest, Romania

#4 – A sleepy cat in Herăstrău Park, Bucharest, Romania

#3 – A spectacular landscape, Brašov County, Romania

#2 – Door of a Lipovan house in Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania

#1 – Close-up of a blowball, Bucharest, Romania


#3 – My first tweet from Romania – Engagement Rate: 0,3%

#2 – My tweet about trendy Varna – Engagement Rate: 0,5%

#1 – Breaking news about my Mongolian Visa – Engagement Rate: 1,5%

Romania has most of the post and of course its capital Bucharest takes best places. Number one is the picture of the Blowball on Instagram and this time I agree.
Next week Romania & Moldova.

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