Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

Here it comes the 16th issue of periodical review of STG posts on Social Media. In the relevant week of travel I’ve been in China, travelling from Datong to Xian with a stop in Pingyao. For this week you will find 7 Instagram posts, most popular tweet and 2 YouTube videos. Let’s go review the ranking then.


#7 – Huge china doll, Xian, China

#6 – Serie of lions in Drum Tower, Xian, China

#5 – Child playing in the street, Datong, China

#4 – Smile of children, Pingyao, China

#3 – Terracotta warriors, Xian, China

#2 – A funerary umbrella (Chinese habit), Pingyao, China

#1 – The hanging temple, Hunyuan County, China


#2 – Making a Chinese dumpling

#1 – Dancing Peppa Pig


#1 – One of my few tweet in Arabic – Engagement Rate: 7,8%

The hanging temple near Datong is very impressive, even in the square frame of Instagram and therefore, is not hard to understand why this was my most popular social post in this week. I liked much more the picture of smiling children in Pingyao. Next week there will be still posts from China.

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