Best of SmallTravelGuides on Social Networks.

Here it comes the 15th issue of periodical review of STG posts on Social Media. In the relevant week of travel I’ve been in China, mostly in Beijing including Great Wall of China and then I headed to Tianjin and then Datong. For this week you will find 7 Instagram posts, best tweet and 2 YouTube videos. Let’s go review the ranking then.


#7 – Metro is coming, Tianjin, China

#6 – The winding great wall, Jinshanling, China

#5 – A Buddha carved out in stone, Yungang, China

#4 – By the restaurant window, Tianjin, China

#3 – Sequence of elephants, Yungang, China

#2 – World only ferris wheel on a bridge, Tianjin, China

#1 – An iconic view of Great Wall, Jinshanling, China


#2 – A stroll in Wangfujing Snack Market

#1 – A walk on the Great Wall of China


#1 – Claim for my post about Novosibirsk – Engagement Rate: 3,9%

With more than one hundred like Instagram photo of the Great Wall wins for this week. My favourite is the picture of the lady full of thoughts by the restaurant window. Next week again China.

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