Rebuilt from scratch

Visiting Dresden has something in common with visiting other town slaughtered by the war. First names it comes to my mind are Hiroshima or Mostar. Here about 40.000 people died because of the bombing. This is a serious story and I don’t want not at all to play with it, however I would like to share with you a thought that came to my mind during my visit here. Here, as in Warsaw, the reconstruction of the historical buildings was made possible by the paintings of Bernando Belotto, nephew of the more famous Canaletto. Belotto spent about 20 years of his life in Dresden and final years in Warsaw. He had a very peculiar technique, almost photographic. Ok, all of this to say… was Bernardo Belotto someone that should be celebrated in Dresden and in Warsaw because he helped us to see the town so beautiful as they’re today, or was it a kind of jinx?
While you’re thinking about this dilemma, please take a look at the gallery below. I hope you will enjoy it! I forgot to say that I took those picture in 2016.

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