Stolby reserve and Takmak peak.

The most interesting sight to see without going too far from Krasnoyarsk is the vast Stolby natural reserve. During cold season this is a popular winter resort with at least two cableways allowing to easily reach the top of the mountain but of course the park is absolutely enjoyable also in Summer when the beautiful slope of Sayan Mountains can be walked using the many hiking trails. Cableway to TakmakThe area can be reached by the centre of the town using local bus number 50 that it covers almost entirely the nine kilometres distance to the resort. Last kilometre can be done walking or with another bus would. From the resort best option is to take one of the two cableways to go up to the mountain. Landscape is beautiful, and the mountain breeze is perfect for me after many days spent in big towns. From the top of the cableway there is possible to take one of the trails. The longest, about seven kilometres, allows to go through the entire reserve until hotel Snezhnaya Dolina. I preferred instead to go in the direction of the Takmak, the highest peak in the area. Takmak peakThe path is not easy because is steep and slippery because of the fine gravel. In this case the grass helps a lot to keep the grip. In the area there are several “Banya”, the Russian sauna, that can be rented but it is surely more popular during cold winters. The Takmak peak actually cannot be reached by walk. Without climbing you can only arrive about 20 meters below but is ok. Even from there the view is absolutely amazing. Buying the ticket for the cableway I met a Russian guy speaking a quite good english and so we shared part of our path. I understood from him how much Russian people love the nature. View from TakmakI have to say that from this point of view, Russia seems to me one country where respect for nature is nowadays really a common feeling and this is good because they host a considerable part of the natural resources of the planet. On the way back, I took a lift from the Russian guy since he also had to go back in town to work. TeslaAnd with this excursion to the mountain my two-days stay in Krasnoyarsk ends. Some word about eating out. First evening I tried one of the simple Shashlyk place by the river and it was quite fine. On second day I decided to go for better and I went to a wonderful pan-Asian restaurant serving food from Caucasus, Central Asia and far east. It was a great dinner eating some of my favourites: fried Laghman and Kachapuri. On the way back I saw many stamps on building wall depicting Nikola Tesla’s face. I was wondering why and the only explanation I’ve found about popularity of one of the greatest mind ever in this town is that one of the hypothesis about Tunguska’s incident, connects it to Tesla’s experiment on wireless transfer of energy. Tomorrow I will keep on in my search of nature’s beauty getting closer to the lake Baikal. I will tell you about it soon. Before of it, as usual, please take a look at Krasnoyarsk gallery here below.

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