Let’s see the modern Beijing.

On my third day in Beijing I decide to be focused on most modern part of the town. Well, this is the capital of China: the world fastest growing economy. Newlyweds in BeijingI’m expecting a bustling downtown. Am I right? Let’s go to check. Rabbit shaped Ice CreamOf course, some evidences of China’s modernity I’ve seen it in the effective Beijing infrastructure: the shining airport and the fast subway network but I’m curious to walk among huge skyscrapers in order to have that kind of “New York City feeling”. Best place to start my trek into contemporary Beijing seems to be Guomao district and I’m heading there. After two days in the ancient part of Beijing, I’m bit tired and lazy so I’m taking it easy. The short walk to Nanluoguxiang subway station gives me the chance to see some funny things. This district seems to be one of the favourite place by newlyweds for their pictures, I see at least three couples in less than one kilometre. Souvenir shops, beside local gadgets, sell Italian (but not only) football team scarfs and jerseys. Truit (!) yoghurt signIce creams have cartoons-like shapes with local eager to bite funny rabbit faces. Metro map in Guomao stationTranslations in English are ubiquitous but not always very precise and so I end up taking a yoghurt with fresh truit before jumping in the metro. It’s morning but not rush hour anymore so it is busy but not too much. Passengers load and unload operations are managed by a sort of ‘metro director’ standing on a footboard using a megaphone to give instructions in Chinese but is not so hard to imagine what he/she’s saying. During train travels I can see some video adverts displayed on the tunnel’s walls. Effect reminds of some of early experiment on cinema, the so-called Kinetoscope. I don’t think methodology is still the same but I like to believe it. You can see how it looks in this short video.


And finally I am here in Guomao, the centre of modern Beijing, or at least so it says the guide I’ve read. The metro station is interconnected with one shopping mall or maybe two. It is hard to understand it. It seems they’ve just finished to polish everything all around so it shines. Shopping mall in Guomao districtThere are only international brands. Nothing local. That’s the globalisation, baby! However, I’m not here to see trendy shops and so eventually I emerge on the surface. Skyscrapers in BeijingLooking above I see the expected skyscrapers. There are also new ones under construction. The area is much less walkable than the hutong district but nevertheless there is some ‘island’ between the buildings where people working in the area can relax, sitting in the many cafes. This new concept of square features some contemporary art, nothing that really impresses me but at least it gives a bit of colour to the otherwise grey urban landscape. Protection from the sunBack in the traffic flow again. There is a complex multi layered system of roads with many overpass. In this mess there are many people driving small motorbikes but they wear an armour! Actually it is a protection from the sun. Most popular accessory seems to be big gloves like those ones used in the kitchen. Crossing this unfriendly part I’m heading toward the building with the most interesting shape. Contemporary Art downtown BeijingIt is the new headquarter of CCTV, the Chinese National Television. Architects created something that became already a landmark of new Beijing thanks to its three-dimensional Tetris brick shape. Now I’m a bit hungry so I go again in the sprawling shopping mall. CCTV HeadquarterThere is a shop of Venchi, famous Italian chocolate brand but I prefer to get something local. In the luxurious food shop located in the basement there are a lot of exotic fruits in line with my wishes. I took some of my favourite ones: Pittaya and Jackfruit. I get out to eat. Meanwhile I notice that here in Beijing, differently from what happens in all European cities, rented bikes can be taken or left in any place without the constraint of predefined stations thanks to an app. There’s actually nothing more to see here so I decide that it’s time to go and to try to see a sight that was so far inaccessible to me…

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