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Fields in Romania
Best of Romania - Photo Gallery
A slideshow with forty pictures, best ones according to me, taken in Romania during my trip around the world. (Please… keep on reading...

Domes of Cetățuia monastery in Iași
Iași's monasteries photos
Churches and monasteries in Iași. Iași hosts dozens of churches and monasteries, catholic and orthodox but also Armenian or belonging… keep on reading...

Candles in Galata Monastery
Tour of the monasteries
Seven hills and seventy churches. When I arrived in Iași, my taxi driver suggested me not to go out of… keep on reading...

Palace of culture in Iași
Iași photos
My favourite town in Romania. Iași is the second biggest town in Romania but for about three centuries it was… keep on reading...

Palace of Culture in Iași
Fantastic Iași
Palace of Culture and Golia monastery. Today there is a beautiful sun shining out there so I don't want to… keep on reading...

From the train window
Reaching Iași
A long train ride. After three days spent in the heart of Romania, going around by car, today I will… keep on reading...

Somewhere in Transylvania
Around Transylvania photos
Exploring Transylvania. Beside most famous towns, in Transylvania there are a lot of small villages with a lot to see… keep on reading...

Street in Sighișoara
Sighișoara photos
Pearl of Transylvania. Sighișoara with its upper town or citadel full of churches, streets with pastel colour houses, the magnificent… keep on reading...

Rupea's citadel
Rupea photos
Probably best citadel in Transylvania. The citadel of Rupea is one of the most beautiful site of Transylvania and of… keep on reading...

Citadel in Făgăraș
The long and nice way back to Bucharest
Albești & Sighișoara. Day starts early again today. Bucharest is quite far and in the middle there is still a… keep on reading...

Fortified church in Hărman
Prejmer and Hărman photos
Fortified churches in an amazing landscape. Transylvania is not only Dracula. It is a marvelous land full of historical remains.… keep on reading...

Bran castle in Transylvania
Bears and vampires photos
A tourist trap and a commendable initiative. In the heart of Transylvania there are two attractions very different from each… keep on reading...

Walls of Râșnov citadel
Râșnov photos
A well preserved citadel. The Râșnov citadel was likely built during Teutonic rule of Transylvania but there are evidences of… keep on reading...

Main square in Brașov
Brașov photos
At the centre of Transylvania. Brașov is in someway the capital of the historic Transylvania and it is surely in… keep on reading...

Rupea walls
Best of Transylvania
Dracula and the bears. Second day in Transylvania starts early because there are a lot of places to visit. We… keep on reading...

Puttis vase in Cantacuzino castle
Cantacuzino Castle photos
Legacy of a noble family. Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni keeps the name of one of the most noble family of… keep on reading...

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