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Butterfly in Blagaj
Best of Bosnia & Montenegro - Photo gallery
A slideshow of twenty four pictures to show best of what I've seen in Bosnia and Montenegro during my around… keep on reading...

Ostrog Upper Monastery
Ostrog monastery photos
Up to the sky. The Ostrog Monastery is the most important pilgrimage destination in Montenegro and one of the most… keep on reading...

Ostrog Monastery
Climbing up the Ostrog monastery
The train to Ostrog. Waking up early morning I'm able to have breakfast in the B&B and to walk to… keep on reading...

Nikola I statue in Nikšić
Nikšić photos
A relaxed town in Montenegro. Nikšić, second biggest town of Montenegro is a relaxed place with good food and perfect… keep on reading...

Old town of Budva from the citadel
Budva photos
The most famous Montenegrin tourist destination. Budva is certainly the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro. With many beaches has… keep on reading...

Church of St Sabas (Budva, Montenegro,2017)
From Budva to Nikšić
Budva, the Montenegrin Miami. While Kotor is sober, enclosed in its walls, Budva instead is the trendy location in Montenegro… keep on reading...

Our lady of the rocks islet
One day in Kotor bay
Kotor and its fortress. Ok, shower lasted all night reducing its strength and it turned into a more affordable small… keep on reading...

A boat reaching the harbour (Perast, Montenegro, 2017)
Perast photos
Second gem of the bay. Along the coast of the Kotor bay, there is another fantastic village called Perast. Beside… keep on reading...

Kotor dock
Kotor photos
A beautiful old town within a fjord. Kotor, a town with history of many centuries is not only a perfectly… keep on reading...

Old harbour of Dubrovnik (Croatia, 2017)
From the wonderful Dubrovnik to Montenegro
Half a day in a sunny Dubrovnik. After two days of cloudy weather finally this morning there is a warming… keep on reading...

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