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Cappella degli Scrovegni (Padova, Italy, 2017)
Padua - City Guide
Padua in one day. This time "City Guides" by STG, will bring you in the noble Italian town of Padua,… keep on reading...

Olympic Theatre (Vicenza, Italy, 2017)
Vicenza photos
The Palladian town. Vicenza, a relaxed and nice town not far from Venetia. It is famous for Palladio, one of… keep on reading...

Piazza dei Signori (Vicenza, Italy, 2017)
Vicenza plus the Scrovegni Chapel
Between Vicenza and Padua. Today, after a lazy start, I moved to Vicenza as I planned. I've never been to… keep on reading...

Prato della valle (Padova, Italy, 2017)
Padua photos
The town of St.Anthony and much more. Padua is known around the world because is the town where Saint Anthony… keep on reading...

Saint Anthony Basilica (Padua, Italy, 2017)
My trip starts from Padua
Padua, home of Saint Anthony. As planned already one month ago, first place to visit in this 'round the world… keep on reading...

Frecciarossa arriving in Lambrate station (Milan, Italy, 2017)
Time to leave
A world behind me, another one ahead. And then, the long awaited moment has come. Moment to leave behind me… keep on reading...

Cinqueterre, a commented photo album
Local Flora - Part 1 The 'macchia mediterranea' (literally mediterranean spot) is a term referring to all mediterranean local plants,… keep on reading...

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