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  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Butterfly in Blagaj
Best of Bosnia & Montenegro - Photo gallery
A slideshow of twenty four pictures to show best of what I've seen in Bosnia and Montenegro during my around… keep on reading...

A bell tower out of Dubrovnik walls
Bouncing between borders
Two countries, three borders. This is the day of leaving Bosnia to get back, for the last day, to Croatia.… keep on reading...

Old town of Mostar
Mostar photos
The bridge in the name. Mostar, one of the most charming town of the Balkans is very famous for the… keep on reading...

Old bridge in a rainy day (Mostar, Bosnia, 2017)
A rainy Easter Sunday in Mostar
Raindrops are falling on my head. The sound of rain drops mixed with some distant bell wake me up on… keep on reading...

Blagaj castle
Blagaj photos
Perfect excursion from Mostar. Blagaj, on the river Buna is the perfect destination for a one day excursion from Mostar.… keep on reading...

Rapids in Blagaj
Blagaj and a bit of Mostar
First full day in Bosnia. Ready for my first day in Mostar? Well, I am, so let's go on. Mi… keep on reading...

Ferry entering in the port (Trpanj, Croatia, 2017)
The long road to Mostar (is not so long)
Leaving Korčula. Here I am for this tough day leading me in another town and in another country. The town… keep on reading...

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