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Ducks on the river
Best of Albania - Photo gallery
A slideshow of thirty two pictures to show you the best of what I saw in Albania during my trip… keep on reading...

Gjirokastër fortress
Gjirokastër photos
An historic ottoman site. Gjirokastër is an Albanian town whose centre is part of UNESCO heritage list because of its… keep on reading...

Gjirokaster Castle
The dark town of Gjirokastër
The infamous road to Gjirokastër. Third and last day in Sarandê area and also last day in Albania. It is… keep on reading...

Venetian tower in Butrint
Butrint photos
Thirty centuries of history. Butrint or Buthrotum, is one of the most famous archeological sites in Albania. In a relatively… keep on reading...

Venetian fortress in Butrint
One day in Butrint
Slowly starting the day. I wake up relatively early, the sun is shining and therefore I know already the answer… keep on reading...

View of Sarandë
Sarandë photos
Albanian version of Miami. Sarandë, facing the Greek island of Corfu is the most known Albanian sea resort. It suffers… keep on reading...

View of Saranda harbour
On the way to Saranda
Long way to the south. My way down to the South is going to be over soon, since after my… keep on reading...

Roundabout in Fier
Fier photos
A surprising town in South Albania. Fier is rarely considered as a tourist destination for itself. Apollonia archeological site is… keep on reading...

Temple of Apollo in Apollonia
Apollonia photos
My idea of Arcadia. When I was studying and I imagined how Arcadia was I imagined Apollonia. In an idillic… keep on reading...

Columns in Apollonia (Albania, 2017)
Day trip to Arcadia
And the winner is... Yesterday I said, in my daily post, that I didn't have any idea about where to… keep on reading...

View of Berat
Berat photos
Most beautiful town of Albania. Berat is undoubtably the most beautiful town of Albania. With its fantastic medieval houses spread… keep on reading...

View of Gorica from the castle
The incredible Berat
And now, Berat. Tirana is very well connected with the Albanian pearl, the town of Berat. There are buses leaving… keep on reading...

Mosaic "the albanian", Tirana
Tirana photos
Albania's capital. Tirana isn't maybe the most beautiful capital town in Europe but it stil a very interesting place. The… keep on reading...

Defensive tower in Durres
Durres photos
On the Albanian riviera. Durrës is a seaside town and the short distance from the capital Tirana makes of it… keep on reading...

Fisherman monument in Durres
Tirana and Durrës
Toward the capital city. So far, in this my trip around the world I've touched five countries without sleeping or… keep on reading...

Landscape of lake Skadar
Lake Skadar photos
An idyllic place in northern Albania. Lake Skadar is the right destination for a one-day excursion from Shkodër. In an… keep on reading...

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