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Tian Tan Buddha statue in Ngong Ping
Ngong Ping photos
Climbing up the Big Buddha. An excursion to Ngong Ping is warmly suggested. If it is not too windy you… keep on reading...

Chinese medicine shop in Ko Shing Street in Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong markets photos
All goods available. One of the best thing to do in Hong Kong is jump from one market to the… keep on reading...

Felucca in Lei Yue Mun strait
Hong Kong by the water photos
A city by the water. Water is a constant presence in Hong Kong landscape. The Pearl River Delta all around… keep on reading...

Hong Kong skyline at night
Hong Kong photos
Navel of the world. Hong Kong can be hardly compared to any other place in the world. It is one… keep on reading...

Largo do Senado in Macau at night
Macau photos - Vol.3
Very peculiar foods. From the gastronomic point of view, Macau, can be a very interesting destination. Portuguese heritage can be… keep on reading...

Rialto bridge copy in Cotai
Cotai photos
Las Vegas in Asia. A tour in the district of Cotai in Macau will surprise you a lot. In the… keep on reading...

Deities altar in Coloane
Coloane photos
Leaving the crowd behind. If you are in Macau and you really want to feel the atmosphere of the colony… keep on reading...

Madonna and Jesus altar in Fortaleza do Monte
Macau photos - Vol.2
Many sights and an iconic view. Visitors of the former colony of Macau will hardly forget the view of Saint… keep on reading...

Porta do cerco in Macau
Macau photos - Vol.1
A Portuguese corner in Asia. Macau, as many of you know, was under Portuguese rule until 1999 and even if… keep on reading...

Beach of Zhuhai with Fisher girl statue
Zhuhai photos
So close to Macau! Zhuhai is often ignored by tourists heading to Guangzhou or to Macau and Hong Kong but… keep on reading...

Photographer statue in Guangzhou
Guangzhou photos - Vol.3
The most multicultural town in China. Canton or Guangzhou, as it is known today has always been a kind of… keep on reading...

Series of lions in Guangxiao temple
Guangzhou photos - Vol.2
A paradise for food lovers. Guangzhou as most of you may know is the name of the town known once… keep on reading...

Gate of Sun Yat-Sen memorial in Guangzhou
Guangzhou photos - Vol.1
Guangzhou or Canton? Guangzhou or Canton as still known by many is the third biggest town in China. In such… keep on reading...

Traditional boat on Northern Lake
Hangzhou photos - Vol.2
A Paradise corner. The west lake in Hangzhou is a (not so) little paradise corner. Full of beautiful temples, white… keep on reading...

Scenic bridge in Hangzhou
Hangzhou photos - Vol.1
Likely the most beautiful town in China. Hangzhou is considered one of the best place to live in China and… keep on reading...

Bridge in Sanjiaoju Wetland Park
Tiger hill garden photos
A leaning pagoda and an amazing park. Tiger hill garden is a must see place in Suzhou. Maybe the garden… keep on reading...

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